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Friday, May 30, 2014

Dumping the truck would be best all-a-round

Ya were looking in to dumping the truck at this point 
However the 5er was never coming back to Fl anyway we were thinking of selling it in the PNW or AZ
And takeing the truck back to Fl  so the truck part is the game changer now 
In looking at a roadtrek 19  to trade if the dealer still has it to deal  
and it,s down your way 
There are some motorhomes but I would need a toad so that's $$ more and not in our plans
We would still like to do the trip as we hoped 
With the roadtrek I would need a small 6x10 trailer to Tagalong  or put stuff in storage and pick up on the way back or UPS stuff  back 
As for the truck now we will see if this takes care of the heat were adding a large trans cooler way better than the one there now and adding the lines back from trans to the radiator as they were stock 
In Fl or flat land there's stuff thats not  needed  
In the 4x4 world you don't use the radiator cooler in case the core brakes it will dump A/F Coolent in the trans and kill it  
so most guys run it to the air to oil  as I did in this case ,,and I did all right till the hill out of cottonwood
Now after the rebuilt the temp sending unit is new and better with a true read
I/ we think the old  TC was the week link and gave up the ghost at the worst time
Any  (temps) over 230 /235 will do u in as did us 
But your right dump It  I'm gun shy
So that's the plan 

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