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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Holbrook to Cottonwood 2483.$$$

Now thats what it took to get on the road about 1pm so now I can sit here and lick my wounds
For 6 days when I gave the cashier my card all I got was a ,, thank you ,, you come back and see us some day  
no  Vaseline  No kiss on the lip,s or a pat on the ass 
                                                                               but sign here
Now looking at the slip for the 4 injectors at 379.67$$ each there not new but reman,s
Ford only puts new in a new motor and sells reman,s after that
Now if you go line the cost is 179.00$$ for reman,s  all day lone with no core back
And I can get all 8 done for 950.$$ +labor extra about 800.$$
So now we will see  
Sunday's were sitting back and resting,,, we got some good books to read ,,so that will take me up to about 10am
Sheri could sit in here for all 6days reading and be just fine 
Verde Valley Thousand Trails Campgrounds here are real nice we would give this place a 10 
Lots of trees lots of  shade some grass foods not to bad  and a sat, night  band and it,s CW
And I can understand,,,it,,,  and no it,s not Gene Autry and the sons pioneers
Well ok some willie Nelson and Cash.,,, We all like  beer whiskey and rye don,t we 

A NOTE       I love  it FORD called may 6 at 10 am  for a follow up survey well by the time I got off the phone  with the  survey guy   He knew exactly how pissed I was its in his ball park now

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