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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nice fire Charlie

Well they tried to burn down slide rook in the low canyon north of Sedona  about 45 miles south of us 
But we got the smoke,, and no way to move
With the wind about 15/20 and  gusts a lot higher  and with the steep canyon walls  it looks like they will will be there for a while
As for the truck ??? I keep my nose out of the shop yesterday 
So I'm going to stop by today and see,, between the cost of CG and the car, something needs to go in my favoras for flagstaff it's not a bad city however after 11 days here this to is getting to be old hat 
It's pretty bad when you can go shopping and not ask someone for how to directions to the 2 wall-mart and 2 home depots,,but it's not totally bad we did find a good Chinese restaurant (the wok) on 89 
Its pretty bad when the highlight of the days to take the dogs out to poo
And which I got to do now

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