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Thursday, May 29, 2014

I give up

The overheating is still there we started for Page  today never even got 1/2 way , 
It pegged at 225 (230 is max,) so in discussed were turning south to Phoenix 
Were in Cottonwood now for 2 or 3 nights 
Im going to try only one more thing 
If that don,t fix it were putting the trailer in consignment
And limp Back to Fl ,,so far this has been the trip from HELL. It,s time to cut my losses $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

1 comment:

  1. Ouch!!! I was gonna tell you that you've had one hell of a shakedown trip, but apparently it's not over yet....

    Take a real big breath, count to 5 million, and think about the ALL the options you have. Maybe it's better to get another truck, since that's the main problem, rather than dumping the 5er.

    You know better than me, but why try to get the truck back home? It'll still have the same problems, or maybe worse, by the time you get there. You can live in the 5er.....but not the truck.

    Sorry to hear about all the problems and hoping the very best for you and the wife!