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Saturday, May 10, 2014

&)(@:;%}^][£¥€^#%# FORD

Well ford love to spend my $$$$$ yes ford tran,e,s are the weakest link but the climb out of cottonwood to flagstaff did it in,, so now here we sit again  but in the north side of Flagstaff with some down time till Monday to bring it in,, 
we can drive it with out the 5er  but it see,s a long hill the pull starts the temps to rise 
So no point in tempting fate so we siting here  
I'm think the clutches are slipimg and that leads to over heating and no were not takeing it to FORD
We luck in as there,s a trans shop 4 miles from here  that has  5star rating now all I got to do is link up with Them, and see how fast I can get the work done (and add a elt, fan to it as well )
We can't take a chance boon docking  with repair time wise so it's 321$$ for a week 
So now we can rent a car and do the big ditch thing,e
My feelings now are to leave the trailer up north and sell it 
                                                                 right now I'm soo piss off 
drinking looks like the best thing to do

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