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Friday, May 16, 2014

More shit new day $$$

1oil cooler tube leak  and 2 Exhaust leaks  on the rear y pipes are the slow down
So now,s  the time to do this seeing as how the trans is out,,and you have the room to work
Pipes on order due AM Monday 
trans due in Monday noon IF all parts get in today or Saturday 
So we're looking mid-week to leave ????
One thing we did learn was someone has had the trans out and did a somewhat half-ass job 
But it can be fixed, and with the new updates.

One good thing, the weather has turned warmer,, it,s good to trader the jeans in for shorts 
It,s 6:30pm and all the windows are open with a nice breeze coming in and so nice sleeping 
With a breeze at night

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