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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Take a hike

From our camp site were about 100 yards from verde river and oak creek they join up real close to here and I can take the trail along the river the scenery is pretty and the water cold ,but it would be a great tub floating down to  the earth dam and over the other side 

But it lacks snakes  I was looking for some but my luck was not there,,,the only one I've seen was a 4 ft coach whip crossing the road 
Lots of animal tracks  big and small but no sightings
Had some rain late to day about 10 min,s but long enough to get that sweet desert smell , i sure miss that

We did find a lot of Boondocking spots and free is good we're going to pick up on that after we leave here
 were taking  89 to Cammeron  to do the big ditch thing then 89 to tuba city 160 around but will looking in to 89 t that's up in the air as to how the road is with my luck it's a dirt farm road  with wild indians and bandits ,,  ok we pack a carton of Marlboro reds and a 24 pack of colt 45 malt beer 
And the DW holds the guns ready 

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