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Friday, May 2, 2014

On the hook,,, O crap

It,s my guess ,, my ford is I  living up to the slogan ,,Fix Or Repair  Daily,,
Yesterday morning went to leave the truck stop and the diesel was running like it was not getting  any fuel and went and gave up the ghost , a call to coach-net  and in an hour had us a tow truck
To the ford dealer in Holbrook Now after 220$ to trouble shot It 
and one nite in a days inn =79.$ later we find 3 bad  injectors  and one if,e
Now that translate to 2400$$ now as we all know the parts are not in stock here so it,s overnight and overnight  for us to.   (the dealers will not let us overnight in there lot  here ,,) (shithead)
The only good part is the mechanic,s coming in sat, (as they do not work weekends )to do my truck to get us on our way 
So here we sit ,,in our vintage authentic Route 66 (dump) of a motel room at =66.$$ and I can't say much more for the town 
It may have been great back in it,s hay days long long time back , but not today

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