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Monday, August 25, 2014

2 fr 1. And Fat Seals songs

Seeing as how today is 57 an sunny and bright todays outting was to the Yaquina Head  lighthouse  
And to find whales so far so good now as Snidley whiplash would say eh,eh.  an then, along came the fog    And then the battery went south with out me, next time I'm quitting
Due to the fog  I,ve seen fog so I did not need to climb up to look at FOG,, sorry 
Now the fog was high up but low to the water it was somewhat clear so  6 gray whales came dancing right on time feeding about 200/ 300 yds  offshore 
so after that we slipped in to town for about an hour same old tourist shit different town
At least Newport has one main attraction about 45 brown fat dumb  and happy obese seals 
Doing there seal thing,, please don't ask me to mimic the seal song 45 baritone seal all at once 
All I wanted to do was screen and leave 
So It was to early to head back so it was head over to Yaquina Bay lighthouse I did a tour of the house , the light is not open to the public O well 

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