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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Can,t Fly Junk

So  we went to the air museum. 8$ each next time I'm takeing the DW out to lunch instead 
It was a poor setup really not worth the price an a Museum go,s a 1  Rating 
This museum is in bad need of funds as most of the plane are turning in to rust, do to no one keeping 
Them up or any stop gaps to slow the decay down 
There's NO restoration on site even so there's lots of open roon but due to the high humidity factor here in the north west coast and the hangers not set up to to do this mind you this hangers was used to keep the blimps out of the wind and rain onlyit was so dark in there I could not take photos 
And even if I did there were none worth my time to take 
And as big as this hanger is 10% is for aircraft exhibits the rest is for RV storage and thats only about another 10% and the rest is open 

                   But I did have fun in the derelict train yard now as to the age of those old guys 
Let's say WAY before my time 

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