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Monday, August 11, 2014

Come fly with me

Seeing as how we cant move down to Pacific City till the 16th We moved 20 miles south to the Tillamook air port rv park at 10$ a night but with NO hookups 
But Theres a  water spigot near by and a bathroom 

This city rv park is on 40 acres the airport runway so far only 1air plane and old biplane that gives tour flew by 
As of tonight there's only 6 other rv,s in here there's room for 80 here
I'm hoping it stays at 6 or  less 
With no power on site it's a good thing I have a solar panel
But our needs are small only thing I miss so far is to heat up my coffee I like my 120 sec, ZAPPER

One thing we found was a rv shop that sells Propane for 1.80 pr, gal, all the time,, and he told me he still makes money as low as that 
wow 12.25 to fill my large tank that's better then 30$ any place else 
Any other place  you pay 2.50$ pr gal, 

                                  see not a soul around 
Tillamook air Museum on the other side to the flight line  
                         That's tomorrows mission 

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