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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lots of rocks

Well east coast rock jetty are a tight fit and great fun to walk on and don't move
Well that ain't the case. this state has lots of rocks so more is larger is better i think there idea is to dump a lot of rocks and trust it works this one jetty is about a mile  the one on the left is longer still 
And with a lot of gaps from storm damage 
The only good thing is it leaves tidal pools for the kids to play in 
One guy in a boat laid down 5 crab pot right on top of the guy that dropped 5 on top of the first guys 5  talk about a cluster fuck Them 2  old boys have over a mile of jetty on each side to drop ????????
We talked to one guy yesterday that dropped 5 pots and pulled out about 250 crabs 
Only  about 10 were keepers.(over 5in and males )  or to small or females ( can't keep at any size )
Keepers weigh about 1.8 lb  bur most come in at 2 lb and cost uncooked 6.99 7.50$cooked on the dock 
away from the dock about 7.99 or 8.99$
Most fish run at 9.00 or 10.50$ lb 
 Halibut.  18.00$ pr lb  
Tuna and salmon can run 18 to 25.00$ pr lb 
Butter clams 7.00 pr lb 

                                                        it,s my 2 self footsie 

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