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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cool and colder, fog and foggy

Wow it's 50 cold and some fog  had the heat on almost all day yesterday and today looks like the same thing as well 
Kind of looks like the temps are cooling down some on the coast coming In to later  August  so if this is any preview of coming September I may need to think about putting a real fireplace in this camper and stock up on a cord of wood
And pick up 15.00$ a week cable from the park
We're about 6 miles from Newport center  and we're on the end of town that ain't got much down here,end ,
And yes Walmart,s on the  other end and no not this end so don,t for get your list coz it,s a long way to this end ,se 
Did not do much Monday  got the new dvd spiderman(dumb)  Can't remember the last time I was in a  movie  theater, seems you pay a lot for so little  
hit the only Walmart  tried to do the beach kite thing but way to cold,  like low 65 wind fog, with the fog made it feel that much colder out side
Don't have any plans to do today, but I will get sitting in the house fever so it's off to some place ?? 

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