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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pot fuzz puff and fog

Today's sunny (at this time ) 53 going to 65 later no wind jump in the truck lets drive south to 
Yachats,, ok so blink you pasted it town, and no gas station,  but you can get food in 10 eateries 
And 5 wampum shops 1 post office  3 beaches  1 with a whale  12 motels  500 trophy homes  but no gas ,,, nearest one 26 miles south or 9 miles north like to the one I past 

Yes one can buy pot here WOW  sorry  i mean CANNABIS  in this state,  but no you can't smoke it,, only eat it,, that's the law,,    cup cakes anyone 
And only with a MD order,, that's the law also 
Unlike Washington state you can smoke it in that state ,, that's the law there,,so there ,

Waldport beach state park off Hy 101 love the sun its a happy day

                                Look 2  old farts 

                  seal beach  ya sun is  out see

                        Seal rock. Still the beach See suns still out

Devils blow hole   Seal beach  Wow suns still out 

 Well  we came around the bend on the way back to Newport
And she never let us down   See FOG 

yes I'm going to try and find the lint on the 
Lens it's driv,in me  batty  as well

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