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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Well Hi there

Hello Sue and John 
Hope your days sunny and bright  its 68 sunny low wind where we are however there's a tall mountain to the north west of us  so if the wind blows it needs to swing around to the south west  but the wind blow all the time on the beach  it's rare to see less than 5mph 
And fog is every day and it covers the tops of the peeks like a blanket the locales call it August fogest,,
The fishing is great here , however I don't fish   Or crab that's why they have fish markets on the dock  500ft  and  seafood is cheap
The old fart  age  ancient lets say I dropped Lewis and Clark  off at the cross roads  
For there trip       Ok

Master Kai grand son no, 1.  Age 3
Miss Emmy granddaughter no, 1  age 2 mo,s


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