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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sun,s out time to move

Today's moving day  well only 30 miles south to Pacific City and down to civilization 
Now staying at the Tillamook airport was super only 4 campers on 40 acres and all the raspberries 
We can eat  even after 4 days of crap no sun days it was still nice and restfull 
Now we're at 1000 trails camp grounds PC right on the coast there's 400 sites here and it,s 95% full what a bummer however you need to be a mountain goat to drive in here  one  minute your going up hill next it,s down hill and the sites are small we only have elect / water but we dumped anyway so in the long run were good for 11 days 
The town of PC is small,,  by that,, there's only 1 blinking red light in the center of town 
And it's not hard to find the cop there's only 3 
And It,s a tourist town to  boot  
One can drive on the beach here so tomorrow it kite flying time 


On the Bottom photo just on just on the oother side of the hill is PC 
and sand dumes are on either  side so to have fun  
Some kids sand slide down and sand ski down yes I'm checking it out,, and no I'm not 

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