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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ok we're wet

Rain in the am sun in the pm temps are 57 / 70 wind 5   sea,s flat
Came back from a walk to the beach and the some kids are swiming ( nut cakes )
If I put my feet in the water for 3 min,s I can't walk and are numb 

Ok so it rained lets get over it The last 2 days sucks and one can't fly a kite in the rain but todays the suns due to shine and dry out 
Plus we're sitting here in Newport till Monday  driving this weekend is nuts to be on the road  on the coast it's a mad house being the last weeking this campground is full up and most others are full up 
As well and  don't think of finding a room all the motels we see are full to 
At least someone's make the money 

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