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Friday, August 8, 2014

Wow today sucked and no Kiss

175$$ oil change  and I got to sit in my truck while I got jacked up    And I ain,t got much to say  but I need a nap.  To calm down 

Ok it's like this 
Wix filter 19$.                                    Had to go to NAPA myself to get it 
Shell roltel  sin 5/40 29$ pr gal x 4    had to go to O Riley myself to get it 
Air filter was bad 28$                         He had it 
shop 30.99$                                      He did it 
                                                          This is what I got   I got to pay the BILL
and               No happy ending  and no kiss  but as I was leaving I got a u al com back now   OK

                                           And by the way 

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