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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Country back road drive

One can't turn around without finding a raspberry bush so help yourself  we did 
1.5 gals worth free ,, free is good 
In the store there 2.99 for a pint 

 We're in the town of garibaldi  12 miles North of Tillamook  and there's a lot of stream and 3 rivers so if it's water it's here ,,and if it's back roads trees brooks your looking for, you can rack up the miles, and small towns and I mean small ,, don,t blink 

We found this farm way in the back on a no name road there were about 50 acres with flowers  and a large garden nestled between the mountain ridge with a brook running through it 

Still in use (really scary) 10 mph train tracks from Garibaldi   to Rockaway beach to Wheeler 

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