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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Played tourist,, went rubber necking

So Ed went up the hill to see what he could see   
The port of Garibaldi ( center )and our trailer park (center right) 

Went for a ride down the coast on 101PCH  to Pacific City  Or  to check out our new camping spot ( not bad )   
and back up the coast on rt 130 to Netarts Or  and back to Tillamook to 101 PCH 
Real nice  ride  sunny temp 72 light wind 
Till we got to Garibaldi  the wind shifted now it's blowing and rocking the 5er good

                                  Cape Lookout far right 
Cape  Meares lighthouse  point  with the 3 sisters

Something we did not know was there are sand dunes this far up this coast 
We know in Florence sand dunes are a big deal   But here it is as well to
Here it's about 7 sq miles to ride your ATV  and I did see 2 4x4 track dodge trucks 
Looks cool and it would be nice ro ride 
Paddle tires and balloon tires a must sand is soft like sugar 

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