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Thursday, August 7, 2014

It,s a Fair and cheese to

'Ok it was old farts day and we got in to the Tillamook county fair at 6.00$ each well and 5.00$ to park 
Old milk bags here got a some what nosy and tried to eat my phone,, that's ok I didn't have the heart to tell her she going to be my next hamburger she was so sweet looking and Tham brown eyes 

So if you like live stock it's here and almost any kind of farm implement to make your day better 
You can buy it here to 
There were lots of 4H stuff as well so let's face it this is cow farm county  cows out number country folk almost 4 to 1
And as for the venders your looking at all 75% of am 

Now if you need to ask why all the COWS well 
Let's say to feed all the folk that do the tourist thing on the Cheese tour
The factory turn,s out about 1,5million tourist a year  OK sorry it,s 167.000 lb of cheesr a day 
And ships to all 50 states  but I think They lie I ain,t seen it in Florida 

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